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Lenox Hill Child Psychiatrist

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Children today are feeling a lot of pressure from social media and their peers, as well as the demands of schools and testing. If your child is feeling overwhelmed by these pressures, or is exhibiting troubling behavior, it is time to see the leading Lenox Hill child psychiatrist to help your son or daughter get out from under the cloud and learn coping skills to help them overcome these pressures. Dr. Juraj Lukac is a licensed medical doctor in New York State as well as in the State of New Jersey who comes from a diverse practice background and extensive education and takes a unique holistic approach when it comes to the care of his patients. A primary focus of Dr. Lukac’s practice is within the concentration of Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry.

This compassionate Lenox Hill child psychiatrist emphasizes an evaluation process that considers developmental and biological influences and symptoms as well as family dynamics. Dr. Lukac is interested in identifying a variety of health and environmental factors that contribute to some of the challenges that his young clients are facing, taking a holistic approach first, to enhance diagnosis and treatment. He treats children with a wide variety of issues with great sensitivity, kindness, and years of experience.

This Lenox Hill child psychiatrist does a lot of work with Asperger’s Spectrum Disorders in children and adolescents. These young people have issues with communication, social development, and social interests. Dr. Lukac individualizes therapy for each person’s unique needs. Mood disorders in children are another specialty of Dr. Lukac. Depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders, once thought to be the provenance of adults, are now recognized in children and adolescents. Treatment for these serious mood disorders may include cognitive training, education, and support for the patient and his family. When necessary, medications are prescribed. ADHD is a behavioral condition that makes focusing and staying on task quite challenging. A treatment plan for this disorder may include medication, parent consultation, group therapy, family therapy, and education therapy. Family therapy provides a safe haven where a child can explores his or her feelings. The child learns coping skills that improve their self-esteem. Parents and children learn a great deal about their relationship and how to support one another. For help with any of these issues, please give Dr. Lukac a call today.

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