Adolescent Psychiatrist near Lenox Hill

Adolescent Psychiatrist near Lenox Hill

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ADHD in kids in Lenox Hill

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly shortened to ADHD, affects people of all ages, but when you see the signs in your child, what you’re looking for are answers. Here at Fyrklöver Mind Reflection Medical PC, we have them for you and for your child.

ADHD is a behavioral condition. Some of the typical emotional and mental indications and signs of it are having difficulties getting organized, feeling focused, and being able to plan in advance of taking action. If it is severe enough, it can become next to impossible for your child to do what he or she needs and wants to do, and that means at school, at home, and even when interacting with friends and classmates. From a physical standpoint, you may notice a tendency to fidget and to be noisy. Children with ADHD often find it hard to adapt to changes of all sorts. Our adolescent psychiatrist near Lenox Hill offers treatment that may consist of behavioral interventions, coping strategies, and medication. It is non unusual for a combination of these strategies to be the best way to address the situation. It all begins, of course, with examination and diagnosis. The effects of ADHD may be similar to other conditions and disorders. And ADHD may not exist alone. Additional factors can be present that need to be taken into account when our adolescent psychiatrist near Lenox Hill develops an individual treatment plan. It is important to manage expectations when it comes to behavioral changes, since children respond at different rates.

It is crucial to have ADHD diagnosed in a timely manner, because if it continues to be a problem, there are long term implications that can create further challenges. Among them are other behavioral disorders, as well as a greater propensity for substance abuse. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our adolescent psychiatrist near Lenox Hill.

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